From July 1957 the NSWGR began to take delivery of 100 Alco World Series DL-500B locomotives. Built in 3 batches (4401 to 4460 {Mk1}, 4461 to 4480 {Mk2} and 4481 to 44100 {Mk3}). In their heyday, these locomotives operated every type of mainline passenger and freight service.
44 class locomotives are used on many of our mainline tours.

4473 entered servce in September 1966 and was withdrawn in 1994.
It was restored during 2005 and is regularly used on mainline tours.

The repainting of 4473 into original NSWGR livery was generously sponsored by Trainorama models.

4473 is owned by the Lachlan Alco Locomotive group